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Harmony Films Taps Vince Miller for US Sales, Adds Angie Peek as Assistant

News - by ThePornoReporter - August 26, 2009 - 13:00 UTC - 1 Comment

Harmony Films announced the addition of Vince Miller, a 30 year industry veteran, to head the company’s DVD sales in North America and the addition of Angie Peek as the region’s sales assistant.

Both will be based in Harmony Films’ Van Nuys, Calif. office. Past companies Miller worked with include VCA, Cinderella and Arrow Productions.

Peek has five years of experience in the adult industry. She most recently worked for AVN as the magazine’s screener editor and as a makeup artist.

“I’m here to bring Harmony Films to the top of the business and to fulfill the amazing potential the company possesses,” Miller said. “These movies are classy, erotically fulfilling and unparalleled.”

Jason Maskell, Harmony Films’ manager of sales and marketing, said Miller’s experience and contacts within the industry played a key role in the decision to hire him despite the many qualified applicants that showed interest in the position.

“We’re pleased to be able to bring Vince and Angie on board with us,” Maskell added. “They’ll be a great team and with their combined experience, they will help bolster our position among the retailers and distributors.”

Harmony Films Giveaway Offers Retailers the Chance to Win $2,500 in Movies

News - by ThePornoReporter - August 4, 2009 - 06:11 UTC - Be first to Comment!

Harmony Films winds down the summer with The Great Harmony USA Giveaway — a contest for retailers that could snag one of them over $2,500 worth of the company’s internationally acclaimed and award winning titles.

The Great Harmony USA Giveaway will award the movies to the retailer that designs the best Harmony Films-themed display, incorporating its lineup of movies that includes Gazzman‘s fan favorite “Fuck Me” and “Slam It!” as well as Tanya Hyde‘s fetish-themed gonzo extravaganzas, in their store. Interested retailers should submit high resolution digital stills of the display to their distributor by Aug. 24. Harmony Films will announce the winning store on Aug. 31. The winner will receive one copy of each film in the Harmony Films library.

“The Great Harmony USA Giveaway is an amazing opportunity for retailers who know the Harmony Films brand and who have seen, in their own stores, our company’s explosive growth in consumer awareness and sales since we took over our own distribution,” Jason Maskell, Harmony Films’ sales and marketing manager, said.

“It’s also a great way for stores that may have just heard of us or seen our movies in passing to get in on one of the fastest-growing adult companies in the world with just an investment of a display.  We’re working hand in hand with distributors around the US to help as many retailers across the country participate in this amazing giveaway,” he added.

Retailers may contact their wholesalers for more information; if their wholesales does not stock Harmony Films, they may contact ussales@harmonyuk.com.

UK Adult Performers and Fans to Party at Harmony Films’ Penthouse Party

News - by ThePornoReporter - July 13, 2009 - 17:40 UTC - Be first to Comment!

The stars of the UK adult industry are scheduled to turn out on the night of 15 July at Harmony Films’ Porn Star Party — and the company is giving its fans the chance to get in on the VIP action.

Fans will be able to meet and greet their favorite performers on the 7th floor of London’s Penthouse Suite for a £15 fee. Tickets for the VIP floor run £60. VIP tables of 6 include Harmony Films goodie bags and a bottle of Champaign or spirits and mixers for £425 and tables of 8 — with a bottle of Champaign or spirits and mixers as well as Harmony Films goodie bags — are priced at £550. Only five tables are available.

“This is a rare chance for fans to be able to party and rub elbows with some of the UK’s top adult performers,” Jason Maskell, Harmony Films’ manager of sales and marketing said. “But men and women who want to make sure they have their place at the party should secure their admission to the event as soon as they can by adding their names to the guest list of HarmonySocial.com’s Harmony Porn Star Party event page.”

The turnout for the company’s fan and industry party at The Penthouse Suite in January was beyond its expectations, Maskell said, and he expects the attendance for the upcoming Harmony Films Porn Star Party to be even better.

“This will be the adult industry event of the year,” he added. “The last party like this that we threw was amazing and we look forward to seeing the attendees from the last event as well as those who are attending for the first time.”

To place yourself on the party’s guest list, go to the Harmony Club Night Group on harmonysocial.com.

Harmony Films Wins Second ETO Best Film Brand Award

News - by ThePornoReporter - July 8, 2009 - 14:52 UTC - Be first to Comment!


For the second time in two years, UK-based retailers and readers of English magazine Erotic Trade Only voted Harmony Films Best British Film Brand for 2009 at the publication’s award show on 5 July.

Harmony Films’ previous awards from ETO include 2008′s Best British R18 DVD for the Gazzman-directed title “Young Harlots: Riding School,” Best Retailer in 2008 for the company’s store at 167 Charing Cross Road in Central London and its other Best British Film Brand win in 2007.

“A single ETO award for Best Film Brand is tremendous, but winning two is outstanding,” Jason Maskell, Harmony Films’ manager of sales and marketing, said. “We’re very pleased our peers in the UK adult industry recognized the quality that goes into each production Gazzman, Tanya Hyde, Strangelove and Dave West shoots.”

Maskell stressed that Harmony Films spares no expense to shoot elite X-rated performers in locations around the world.

“The fans’ tastes have matured and it’s never been easier for them to compare reviews and discuss movies with other enthusiasts,” he added. “Harmony Films will continually seek to raise the standard of the industry to meet their demands.”

TPR Behind the Scenes: Harmony Films’ “Breast Business”

News - by ThePornoReporter - July 7, 2009 - 04:56 UTC - 1 Comment

It’s the Thursday before the big Independence Day holiday weekend and the weather is definitely summer-ish, which in the San Fernando Valley means hot, dry and barely any wind.  The freeways are packed with people trying to get a jump on holiday traffic and rather than join them in their rat race, I am making my way to West Hills to attend the shooting of Harmony Films’ “Breast Business”.  It’s been a long while since I did a set visit, but the promise of buxomy girls getting fucked silly while I watch from the sidelines was definitely intriguing.  I had heard much about the movie’s director Gazzman.  He definitely shot some beautiful women in his day, but that name, it always stood out in an industry where ridiculous sounding names are an everyday occurrence.  I wanted to meet the man, if for no other reason than to find out what the Hell a Gazz is.

We arrive at the shoot location.  It’s a very impressive home in a very nice neighborhood.  Locals like to refer to places like these as McMansions, as if a derisive sounding term like that takes away from the grandness of the place.  As we walk in I wonder if the neighbors know exactly what is going on here today.

Once inside we meet a photographer from a major adult magazine who seems more enraptured by the women’s tennis match being televised than by the hot, busty woman being fucked by two porn studs in the backyard.  It’s hard for anyone who hasn’t been on numerous porn sets to realize that these things lose their luster like anything else after you have been to a few of them.

The photog explains that the shoot is underway in the backyard and that we will have to carefully sneak out and avoid the quickly moving camera covering the scene.  After a few moments we see our opportunity and like a pair of spies sneaking behind military lines, we dash to the small gathering of people huddled around a video monitor watching playback.  The scene quickly resumes before we can make our introductions.  Ten feet from us, next to a dazzling infinity pool the very sexy Charley Chase is being double-teamed by AVN and XBIZ’s 2009 Male Performer of the Year James Deen and Tony De Sergio (fresh from playing Spock in Hustler Video’s “This Ain’t Star Trek XXX“).

Being the consummate reporter, I prepared for the day by looking up pictures of Charley Chase before coming down to the set.  In person, the girl is a magnitude times hotter than in her pictures.

By the looks of things, it looks like we haven’t missed much.  The performers haven’t even begun to break a sweat despite the intensity of the scene.  Out of camera range, Oliver Sanchez watches filming from the vantage point of the nearby jacuzzi.  Later today he will have the awesome responsibility of fucking the everloving shit out of Angelina Ash.  Poor guy.  Glad to see that he can relax a little beforehand.

Soon there is a break in filming.  To cool off, James Deen jumps into the pool to cool off.  So much for scene continuity, I guess.  It is in the high 90 degree range so I can’t really blame the guy.  Oddly enough, any other poor slob who would jump into a cold pool would immediately have to deal with shrinkage.  Ever the machine, the cold water seemingly has no ill effect on Deen.  I felt gay for noticing; even more gay writing about it now.

Director Gazzman steps over to introduce himself.  Immediately my preconceived notion of an uptight, arrogant European auteur filmmaker is dashed when Gazzman turns out to be one of the friendliest people that I have ever met in the adult industry.  His mischievous grin at once puts me at ease.  Not only is he polite, he genuinely seems happy to have us on his set.

We get to talk for a few minutes while the cast cools down.  While cleaning his camera lens, he tells me about his days as a director for Private before coming to work for Harmony Films.  He is quite proud of his latest opus “Satan’s Whore“.  AVN has named it an Editor’s Choice.  He says that the movie lacks much of a story but that he prefers “the Marcel Marceau style of filmmaking”.

I ask him about the shoot today.  He tells me that “Breast Business” isn’t about big breasts but rather perfect breasts.  He thinks it is a mistake to just use big tits to appeal to tit fans.  Praise is heaped upon the star of the current scene: Charley Chase.  According to Gazzman, she possesses boundless energy which translates into her sex scene.

While discussing the movie “Caligula” Gazzman announces that he wishes to be porn’s Caligula.  He imitates Malcolm McDowell in the famous “More conviction!” scene.  Not missing a beat, his lovely blonde assistant comes over and begins applying sunscreen all over his pale Scottish skin.  He is definitely moving into the realm of Caesar.

Filming resumes.  The scene is intense and Chase gives as good as she gets.  Poked in every orifice, twisted into every position, she takes it all without a single complaint.  Having acquired everything they need for the scene, Deen signals to De Sergio that he is ready to deliver his money shot.  Both actors unload on Chase’s face, mouth and perfect breasts.

The scene wrapped, the cast wipe themselves down and proceed to jump into the pool for a cool down.  Gazz’s loyal crew immediately start setting up for the next scene.  We catch a peak of Angelina Ash emerging from make up and wardrobe.  Holy Shit, she looks amazing!  Unfortunately it is getting late and we realize that we aren’t going to be able to stick around.

I make my way back outside as director Gazzman and his incredibly hot assistant undress and get into the jacuzzi to unwind before the next big scene.  I tell ya; it’s a tough fucking life.

For more information on this and other Harmony Films, visit www.harmonyuk.com.

Strangelove Brings Harmony Films’ ‘Cunning Stunts’ to Store Shelves

News - by ThePornoReporter - June 12, 2009 - 18:55 UTC - Be first to Comment!

cunning_stuntsHarmony Films’ Strangelove mixes a hardcore cocktail of XXX penetrations with medical fetishism in the acclaimed director’s latest all-European creation, in stores now, “Cunning Stunts.”

Starring Cindy Dollar, Aliz, Cate Harrington, Michelle Moist, Sarah Twain and Tanya Tate as well as Andy Mann, Clarke Kent, Ian Tate and Jay R, “Cunning Stunts” is an arousing feast for the eyes with Strangelove’s signature videography fully realized in each scene.

“Strangelove brings together the best talent in stunning locations around London to shoot some of the most visually arresting and well-received adult movies produced today,” Jason Maskell, Harmony Films’ manager of sales and marketing, said. “We’re getting nothing but superlative reviews from the critics we’ve given advance copies

Tod Hunter, XBiz writer, reviewer and webmaster of Tod-Hunter.net was impressed with all aspects of “Cunning Stunts.”

“Stunning!” He praised. “Strangelove’s twisted vision mixes images, music and heat to make indelible impressions on the retina, the eardrum and areas below the waist. You’ll never look at an operating room the same way again.”

Harmony Films to Release First Limited Edition, 10 Disc Set Exclusively for US Market

News - by ThePornoReporter - May 20, 2009 - 02:59 UTC - Be first to Comment!

Adult studio Harmony Films is, for the first time and exclusively for the US market, releasing a 10 disc limited edition box set that will include a selection of movies from their award winning library.

The movies in “The Ultimate Collection: Limited Edition Vol. 1″ includes titles from Harmony Films’ acclaimed in-house directors, Gazzman and Tanya Hyde. Both directors are accomplished auteurs and racked up the respect of critics and the adoration of fans before their tenures at the company.

The movies included in Harmony Films’ “The Ultimate Collection: Limited Edition Vol. 1″ are:

“Best of British”
“Young Harlots: In London”
“Young Harlots: The Governess”
“Tanya Hyde: Kinky Bitch”
“Tanya Hyde: Hotel Hyde”
“Fuck Me: Naomi”
“Fuck Me: Arianna Jollee”
“Slam It! Double Penetration”
“Slam It! In her Ass”

Jason Maskell, Harmony Films’ manager of sales and marketing, said, “We have over 50 women featured on the 10 discs we’ve gathered for ‘The Ultimate Collection: Limited Edition Vol. 1.’ When we say these are limited editions, we mean that — we’re only pressing 1,000 copies of this collection and it will only be for our American fans.”

Harmony Films’ “The Ultimate Collection: Limited Edition Vol. 1″ will only be released in the United States on May 20.

Harmony Films, Porn Week to Make Perth Sexpo the Most Memorable Yet

News - by ThePornoReporter - May 19, 2009 - 13:40 UTC - Be first to Comment!

sexpo_logo_reverseSexpo brings its XXX-fueled party for Western Australia’s fans of adult videos to Perth this week, featuring cover girls from the acclaimed titles of award winning adult studio Harmony

The organizers of Sexpo expect over 35,000 fans and members of the area’s adult industry to turn out for the Perth leg of the consumer and trade show from 21 May to 24. Ree Petra and Keisha Kane, veterans from Harmony Films’ showing at Sexpo Brisbane two months ago, will sign and appear at the company’s stand in the show.

Harmony Films will also team with Porn Week to bring one lucky Sexpo Brisbane attendee to London in July. The contest winner will the be the guest at one of Porn Week’s X-rated vacations and will take part in talent castings, exclusive parties and media appearances around the city. Petra and Kane will also accompany the winner to the second match on 16 to 20 July of England and Australia’s cricket rivalry, the Ashes Test Series.

“We’re very excited to be working with Sexpo again to help make their Perth show one of the biggest and most memorable they’ve ever had,” Jason Maskell, Harmony Films’ manager of sales and marketing, said. “Someone at that show will have the experience of a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if England or Australia comes out on top at the Ashes —
that person will be an even bigger winner.”

Rob Godwin, general manager of Sexpo Australia, said, “Sexpo is delighted to have Porn Week and the Harmony Films’ stars headlining Sexpo Perth. We have run competitions in national magazines and radio competitions to be a part of Porn Week and to meet the Harmony Films stars. The response has been immense. This will be the biggest adult show and party in Perth for two years.”

The show’s sponsors are Club X, Topco, Hustler Lingerie, Lelo, Sportsheets, Screaming O, Swiss Navy, Pjur and over 70 other exhibitors. The show will also feature the Sexpo Showgirls, comedians, strip poker, lap dancing, hypnotists, pole dancing championships, and the famous Sexpo Sex Train.

Harmony Films’ myspace page can be found at http://www.myspace.com/harmonyfilms. Its dedicated social networking site is www.harmonysocial.com.

For more information about Sexpo, please visit www.sexpo.com.au.

Gazzman-Directed ‘Satan’s Whore’ a Fiery Start to Summer

News - by ThePornoReporter - May 16, 2009 - 13:22 UTC - Be first to Comment!

Harmony Films presents the latest lust-filled title from international award winning adult auteur Gazzman, “Satan’s Whore,” delivering the sexual flames of Hades to store shelves now.

Shot in and around London, American hell raisers Bobbi Starr, Dana DeArmond and Adrianna Nicole star in “Satan’s Whore,” as well as succulent European succubi Claudia Rossi, Ree  Petra, Stacy Stone and Alexandra Cat.

“Gazzman indulges his inner Aleister Crowley in this sexual vision of the dark side, turning his muses into X-rated liliths that tempt and corrupt,” Harmony Films’ Manager of Sales and Marketing Jason Maskell said. “The road to hell is paved with the DVD copies of ‘Satan’s Whore.’”

Maskell added that fans will enjoy the outstanding European and American talent Harmony Films brings together under the accomplished direction of Gazzman.

“Every movie Gazzman shoots blows away the people at home with his camerawork and eye for hardcore sex,” he said. “‘Satan’s Whore’ will shock and amaze with its cast, locations and videography.”

Harmony Films’ First HD Release to Hit Stores Next Month

News - by ThePornoReporter - May 11, 2009 - 13:33 UTC - Be first to Comment!

Award winning adult studio Harmony Films makes its launch into high definition with the release of its first Blu-Ray title, “Young Harlots: Finishing School,” in late June.

Originally released on DVD in February, “Young Harlots: Finishing School,” is nominated for Best R18 DVD by English X-rated trade magazine ETO. The title stars Rihanna Brown, Jenny Baby, Jenna Lovely, Viktoria Rose, Satin Bloom, Nataly and Sunny Jay.

The Blu-Ray disc of “Young Harlots: Finishing School” will be presented in 1080p.

“At Harmony Films, we scour the world for locations and talent,” Jason Maskell, manager of sales and marketing for Harmony Films, said. “The images and scenes our directors shoot are nothing short of a delight for the eye. We’re very pleased our movies will finally be given the high definition treatment they’ve always deserved.”

The Blu-Ray release of “Young Harlots: Finishing School” will hit store shelves worldwide on June 24.