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News - by ThePornoReporter - June 24, 2009 - 18:28 UTC - Be first to Comment!

TPR just got back from a few hours on the set of X-Play’s “Flight Attendants” directed by Will Ryder (“Not the Cosby Show XXX“, “Not the Brady Bunch XXX“) and has some of the first looks at what appears to be the next big hit from X-Play and Adam and Eve Pictures.  The all-star feature is a break from the television parody porn that director Ryder has made his reputation on.  Starring the likes of Hillary Scott, Teagan Presley, Kayden Kross, Shyla Styles, Misty Stone, Sunny Lane, Eva Angelina, Lexi Love, Kacey Jordan, Michelle Maylene, Kenzi Marie, Cali Couture, Farrah, Brooke Belle, James Bartholet, Jack Lawrence, Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Dino Bravo, Eric John, Eric Swiss, Thomas Ward, Brad Hardy, Scott Lyons and cameos from too many to mention, the plot of the movie concerns the underdog airline TransCon Air taking on their high end competitors Global Air and all the sexy shenanigans one can only imagine goes on in the cockpits between the studly pilots and smoking hot stewardesses.  Yes, it sounds like the typical “snobs vs. the slobs” plotline from every 1980′s era sex comedy, but come on: it’s porn, do we need any more plot than that?

We visited the set on day 5 of 8 (although the rumor mill hints that shooting is behind schedule and may necessitate additional shooting days).  In exchange for getting to visit the set, we and other adult media outlets were invited down to be unpaid extras to appear in the background of scenes.  Lest the reader worry that their Onanistic viewing of the movie be marred in any way by the appearance of anyone from The Porno Reporter, rest assured that our acting skills were never called upon to interrupt your viewing pleasure.

The set for today’s filming was an incredible studio that featured a very authentic-looking cabin from a commercial airliner and a believable mock up of an airport lounge and ticketing counter.  Prior to serving as a backdrop for today’s shoot, Hollywood features such as “Iron Man” and Wes Craven’s “Red Eye” and TVs “LOST” shot on these very same sets.  Ryder’s attention to detail carries over to costuming as the cast wears some authentic looking wardrobe.  Clearly expense has not been spared.  Combined with the aforementioned schedule overruns, X-Play is really digging deep in their “Not the [Insert Classic Television Show Title] XXX” treasure chest for this one.

The shoot appears to be testing the endurance of cast and crew as many of the lovely actresses seem tired.  Even the ever spunky Sunny Lane seems to be tapping into the reserves of her never-ending supply of energy.  Despite the long hours, the crew continues to look incredible.  In person, Michelle Maylene is even more stunning than her pictures, if it is even possible.  I had met Teagan Presley before at various adult industry functions, where the pressures of shooting and performing were gone and replaced by the excitement of partying, drinking and looking stunning; she always came across very nicely, but I figured the true test would be on the set.  My doubts were put to rest as Teagan was even more pleasant and gracious to be around.  Shyla Styles, who I had never had the pleasure of meeting prior to this, was so nice that she approached a number of us during a break in filming and asked us if she would like her to pick us up something to eat, as she was going on a food run.  My filthy mind immediately thought of something, but the more sensible inner voice interceded and let it go.

No set visit is ever complete without the appearance of Ron Jeremy.  The Hedgehog wasn’t mentioned in the press invite as being part of the cast, but there must be an official mandate somewhere that says that no one is ever allowed to shoot an adult movie without Ronnie in attendance.  But Hedgehogs are like Groundhogs in that they don’t seem to stick around very long.  Ron was soon on his way out the door, but not before saying his farewells to Misty Stone by nibbling on her lovely dark (and perky) nipples.  We would be long gone by then, but Ron was set to return to the set later that evening to film a cameo.  No word on who or what he was playing but as he left the building we overheard him talking about having to run home to look and see if he could find his Yarmulke.

Despite the pressures of directing, producing and filming, wünderkind director Will Ryder (a.k.a. Jeff Mullen, publicist extraordinaire) seemed to be holding things together nicely (he only had to pull out his bullhorn once every minute or so).  Even though I tried to keep a low profile on set so as to not get in the way of things, Ryder, being the considerate gentleman that he is, stopped to say hello, shake hands and thank me for coming down to the set.  But then, back to work; no time to waste.

So will “Flight Attendants” end up being more “AIRPLANE!” than “Airport“?  Will this flight be delayed at the gate?  It’s too early to say, but given X-Play’s record for turning out high quality smut without cutting corners in the past, one thing is for certain: the final product will be a lot more watchable than most in-flight movies.