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It’s Consumers’ Lucky Day with Debut of Doc Johnson’s Wish-Bone™ Vibrator

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dj_wishboneAdult novelty mega-manufacturer Doc Johnson releases another innovative addition to its award-winning line of vibrators – the Wish-Bone™ – designed for intense clitoral stimulation.

The Wish-Bone™ is a waterproof, multispeed vibe made from phthalate-free ABS plastic. This new toy features a unique “wishbone” shape at the controller for convenient finger placement that allows the user to easily control the action, speed and vibration with precise, one-touch accuracy. And with its sleek shape and discreet size, women can take this new companion anywhere.

“This toy introduces a new design element unlike anything seen in the market to enhance the user’s experience,” said Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s Director of Product Development and Licensing. “This “wishbone” handle is not just about form, but really about function. We put a graphic on the front of the package so the user will understand exactly why the top of the vibe is shaped that way. Once you hold it in your hand you understand what is so great and unique about this item. Packed with an extremely powerful three-speed motor, this item is going to be a big hit at the retail level.”

The Wish-Bone™ is available in two color options: Purple or Pink.  For more information on these and other Doc Johnson products, please visit www.docjohnson.com.

Doc Johnson’s Silicone Pop Plugs™ Anal Starters Made to Pop Off Store Shelves

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Doc Johnson, the industry-wide leader in adult novelties, releases its latest line of anal toys targeted at the novice and more experienced user – and everyone in between. The Pop Plugs™ line is a collection of inviting anal plugs made from phthalate-free silicone and available in three sizes – small, medium and large.

Doc’s Pop Plugs™ are made with premium silicone and offer the user the highest standard of safety.  They feature a soft pink coloring and a pull ring for convenience and control.

“Our Pop Plugs™ represent a new direction in Doc’s ever-expanding collection of silicone options,” said Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s Director of Product Development and Licensing.  “We consistently strive to deliver the consumer the most extensive variety of options in design and materials, and these silicone-based anal toys are a great example of that commitment.  With three great sizes, we have offered something for everyone, and we’re confident they’ll resonate with consumers on all levels.”

For more information on these and other Doc Johnson products, please visit www.docjohnson.com.

Doc Johnson Releases New DJ Glass Dreams Line for Sensually Smooth Sensations

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Doc Johnson, the world’s premier purveyor of adult novelties and erotic offerings, adds four new items to its ever-popular DJ Glass Dreams™ line – a collection made with premium borosilicate glass, known for its durability.

The DJ Glass Dreams™ collection debuts four new designs: the Topsy Turvy, Awesome Blossom, Magic Stick and Ben Wa Balls. The Topsy Turvy is a ten-inch dildo with a curved, S-shape shaft designed for g-spot stimulation; the Awesome Blossom is an eight-inch dildo with a textured swirl design for added stimulation; and The Magic Stick is a nubbed anal or vaginal probe that features a pull-ring handle for ease of use. Last but not least, the Ben Wa Balls – two matching spheres with a beautiful flower inlay – are perfect for strengthening the vaginal muscles and intensifying orgasms.

“The new DJ Glass Dreams™ collection not only provides aesthetically-pleasing designs but also offers the material advantages that come with premium quality glass,” said Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s Director of Product Development and Licensing. “Also, these high-design items feature beautiful flower inlays and color combinations that will grab consumer attention on store shelves.  As always, great design plus great function is a recipe for success.”

Unlike ordinary glass, borosilicate is extremely resistant to bangs and drops to the extent that it is considered virtually impossible to break without intentionally doing so. The glass is non-porous, making it extremely sanitary and easy to clean.  Additionally, borosilicate is unique in that it can be safely heated or cooled for temperature variations without cracking or breaking. For more information on these and other Doc Johnson products, please visit www.docjohnson.com.

Doc Johnson’s Sends Great Vibes to Consumers With Discreet Desires™ Curved Fit Vibrator

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discretedesires_curvedvibeAdult novelty mega-manufacturer Doc Johnson sends out great vibes surrounding the launch of Discreet Desires™ Curved Fit Vibrator.  Designed to hug the user in all the right places, this new toy delivers intense clitoral stimulation while boasting a sleek, ergonomic design.

Discreet Desires™ is a multispeed clitoral massager made with a combination of phthalate-free TPR and ABS plastic. The Curved Fit design allows the toy to snugly cup a female’s erogenous zone while at the same time allowing the user to conveniently use the push-button control with the simple touch of a finger. Like the vast majority of Doc Johnson’ products, the toy is 100% waterproof, allowing for stimulation escalation in the bed or the bathtub.

“We understand that ease-of-use is important to the consumer,” said Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s Director of Product Development and Licensing. “Making our toys comfortable to operate enhances our customers’ experience, allowing them to focus their attention on the real business at hand.  Discreet Desires™ is a great example of our commitment to consumer satisfaction in this area, and combined with a sleek, compact design, it’s sure to be a top-seller.”

The new Discreet Desires™ Curved Fit Vibrator is available in two color options: Purple with White or White with Pink.

Consumers Will Cry Tears of Joy While Using Doc Johnson’s New Tear Drop™ Bullet and Controller

News - by ThePornoReporter - July 17, 2009 - 20:22 UTC - Be first to Comment!

teardrop_docjohnsonWorld-famous adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson has released the newest addition to its ever-popular collection of vibrating bullet and controller sets – the Tear Drop™ Bullet and Controller.  Offering up a Small Size with Strong Vibes, this discreet, user-friendly bullet packs a mighty punch aimed at pleasing even the most discriminating consumer.

The Tear Drop™ Bullet and Controller is a waterproof, multi-speed vibrating bullet in an inviting “tear drop” shape. Accompanying the bullet is Doc’s four-speed, easy-to-use slim controller. Both are made with phthalate-free ABS plastic and feature a shimmering, high-gloss finish available in either Purple or Rose.

“All of our vibrating bullet and controllers sell well at retail, yet they continue to evolve to consistently meet consumer demands,” said Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s Director of Product Development and Licensing. “The Tear Drop™ Bullet and Controller is a prime example of a classic product upgraded and re-designed to resonate with consumers.  Like the others, this product should fly off store shelves.”

For more information on the Tear Drop™ Bullet and Controller, and all other Doc Johnson Products, please visit www.docjohnson.com

Inaugural ‘O’ Awards Winners Announced

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Unveiled with touches of irreverent humor and flourishes of fanfare and greeted with a spirit of joyful camaraderie, the winners of AVN‘s inaugural “O” Awards were announced Tuesday night.

Thirteen products and companies were recognized in the awards ceremony, designed to recognize the leading products, companies and more in the adult pleasure industry. In addition, Carol Queen, Ph.D., and her Center for Sex and Culture were honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award.

“Though the AVN Awards are a spectacle now watched by millions of viewers on Showtime, it wasn’t always that way,” AVN Publisher and Editor Tony Lovett told the crowd of more than 400. “In fact, tonight’s “O” Awards are reminiscent of the same low-key vibe that was part of the AVN Awards launch, so many years ago.”

Each award winner was presented with the “O” Award trophy, which features a black marble base and a polished metal three-dimensional “O” on top.

The following companies are the winners of the first-ever “O” Awards, presented by AVN Media Network and AVN Novelty Business magazine:

Outstanding Boutique: Fairvilla Megastore, Orlando

Outstanding Retail Chain: Peekay (Lovers/Condom Revolution/Touch of Romance)

Outstanding Online Retailer: GoodVibes.com

Outstanding Non-Powered Product: Pure Wand, njoy

Outstanding Powered Product: BO, LELO

Outstanding Lube, Lotion or Potion: Sliquid Organics, Sliquid LLC

Outstanding Innovation: SaSi, Je Joue

Outstanding Overall Product Design: Fun Factory

Outstanding Apparel or Accessory Line: Spartacus Leathers

Outstanding Packaging: Evolved Novelties

Outstanding Marketing: The Screaming O, in-store marketing kit

Outstanding Distributor—East: East Coast News

Outstanding Distributor—West: Entrenue

Carol Queen, who also serves as the sexologist for Good Vibrations in San Francisco, was honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award for her work as a writer, speaker, educator, activist and all-around champion for the sex toy industry, Lovett said.

“Many of us in this room would not be where we are if it weren’t for Carol Queen and her colleagues at Good Vibrations,” he said.

Nominees for The “O” Awards were culled from pre-nomination submissions and a panel of advisors who narrowed down the field. From there, an advisory panel of more than 100 industry professionals was chosen for balloting. Their votes were counted along with those from AVN novelty writers and reviewers.

The “O” Awards were held in conjunction with the AVN Novelty Expo, the premier B2B event for the adult pleasure product industry. ANE continues Wednesday at the Universal Sheraton and the Hilton Los Angeles hotels in Universal City, Calif.

For more information, visit AVNNoveltyExpo.com. Also see the “O” Awards photo gallery.

For a complete list of nominees, visit The “O” Awards website.

Dr. Love Slips Into America’s Bedrooms & Earns the Prestigious AVN “O” Awards Nomination for 2009

News - by ThePornoReporter - July 13, 2009 - 22:10 UTC - 1 Comment

drlovelubeWhether you’ve already tried it, or just heard about it, one thing’s for sure – consumers the world over are enjoying the velvety smooth long-lasting effect of Dr. Love’s silicone-based lubricant. And now the optimized formula is available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada exclusively from America’s trusted resource from it’s official distributor – Futuring USA, Inc.. Dr. Love is officially here, giving America another reason to scream with delight in AND out of the bedroom with its purer, safer silkening lubricant for men & women.

With a passion for formulating the world’s best sensual products, Dieter Laros has been hard at work in Germany for over twenty years bringing us high quality sensual aids. So, when Futuring USA, Inc. decided to introduce out a new line of personal lubricants to North America they searched the world over for the “right fit”. After all their research they chose to work with Dieter Laros’ unique and very sensual formulation found in the Dr. Love lubricant.

“It took three years of intense research and development to create these outstanding formulations with the best standards of safety, AND without the use of cyclic silicones. The balance of Dimethicone and Dimethiconol without the use of these cyclic silicones is a milestone in the history of lubricants & glides,” discussed David Dew, Owner/CEO of Futuring USA, Inc.. “We are VERY excited about the launch of Dr. Love personal lubricant line, in addition to the GetMaxxx Ultimate Lube. We’ve always focused on making the best products in the world available to our clients. And, the Dr. Love brand lubricant is a superlative offering.”

Don’t just take the CEO/Owner’s word for it, many others are catching the wave, and touting the lubricant’s excellence. In fact it was recently announced that the Dr. Love lubricant is a proud nominee for the prestigious AVN “O” Award for 2009′s Outstanding Lube, Lotion or Potion. Created by AVN Media Network & AVN Novelty Business magazine & AVN Novelty Expo (ANE), the “O” Awards honor outstanding achievements in the pleasure product industry.

“We looked at the many different lubricants on the market, and what were the best selling as reported by retailers, and we all felt that Dr. Love was a top contender for the first ever “O” Award,” explained Sherri Shaulis, one of AVN Media Network’s judges and reporters.

With the escalating sales and predominant notoriety of the Dr. Love lubricant we are sure to see many more stimulating new products being offered by Futuring USA, Inc.. Be sure to keep an eye on this fast growing company, and if you are “in the mood” stop by their booth at the AVN Novelty Expo (ANE) in Los Angeles July 13-15, and pick up some free samples so you can learn first hand what all the BUZZ is about!

Dr. Love and GetMaxxx premium lubricants are manufactured in Germany, and are available in the U.S. and Canada exclusively from their official distributor – Futuring USA, Inc., www.futuring-usa.com.

Countdown to Quality: The ‘O’ Awards Debut at ANE

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More popular than the Rabbit, more powerful than the Hitachi Magic Wand, more coveted than a platinum plug, The “O” Awards are set to raise the bar for industry accolades this Tuesday night at the AVN Novelty Expo. A veritable constellation of stars from the pleasure enhancement industry will come together July 14 for the biggest night of the year, when the most outstanding products, companies, and retailers will be recognized at the very first “O” Awards party.

The “O” Awards, which take place from 7-9 p.m. Tuesday, July 14, in the Starview Room of the Universal Sheraton Hotel in Universal City, Calif., are presented by AVN Media Network in conjunction with AVN Novelty Business and the AVN Novelty Expo. The awards event will be hosted by AVN publisher and editor-in-chief, Tony Lovett, who describes the event as an “informal gathering to recognize the industry’s best.”

Even though this marks the inaugural year of The “O” Awards, they already hold considerable cachet. The sponsor, AVN Media Network, has been recognizing and honoring leaders in other aspects of the adult entertainment industry for more than 25 years. “AVN is rightly recognized as the industry leader when it comes to the prestige of our awards,” Lovett says, “and The ‘O” Awards are no exception.”

Throughout the pleasure product industry, nominees and professionals alike are expressing their anticipation for this heralded event. From mega-manufacturers to mom-and-pop operations, AVN left no stone unturned in their quest to nominate the best.

“The launch this year of The ‘O’ Awards signifies a real turning point in the erotic products segment of the adult industry,” said Greg DeLong of njoy, nominated for five awards. “The ‘O’ Awards will be a coming-out party of sorts, recognizing and celebrating a new level of safe, high-quality, thoughtful erotic products. We’ll be thrilled to be in attendance, sharing the spotlight with our associates (and of course our friends at AVN, who provide the stage on which we present our wares to the world).”

Keith Caggiano, vice president of The Screaming O, credits his company’s four nominations to persistent efforts to create a fun and non-threatening image which appeals to everyone, including the novice. “We jokingly call ourselves the gateway product,” Caggiano says. “We bring an undeniable element of fun and excitement to everything we do, from marketing products to the look and feel of the packaging, as well as the events we attend. Overall, we are just looking to make people happy.”

“We are thrilled to be have been nominated for The ‘O’ Awards,” says Deb Gibson of Arabesque Body Creations & Design Inc., which was tapped as tops in the Outstanding Apparel or Accessory Line category. “We have put an announcement on our website already.”

“It’s an honor to be nominated!” says Vera Worthington, owner and lead designer of For Your Nymphomation, a company that creates locking luggage and storage pieces for novelties. The company’s Adult Toy Chest is in the running for Outstanding Product (Non-Powered).

“The nominees for the first year of The ‘O’ Awards make up an impressive list,” says Darren Roberts, CEO of AVN Media Network. “But the winners will be the ones who are really going to set the bar for the design, production and distribution of products for the next 12 months.”

The “O” Awards are part of the adult novelty industry’s premier B2B event, the AVN Novelty Expo. The expo is scheduled for Monday, July 13, through Wednesday, July 15, at the Sheraton Universal and Hilton Los Angeles hotels in Universal City, Calif. For more information, visit AVNNoveltyExpo.com. For a complete listing of nominees for The “O” Awards, visit Business.AVN.com.

Doc Johnson’s New Harmony™ Collection Allows Women to Find Their Erotic Center

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djharmonyAdult novelty mega-manufacturer Doc Johnson announces the release of its Harmony™ collection – a line of uniquely-shaped vibes available in multiple styles and sizes.  The collection consists of seven new toys designed to help any woman find their erotic center.

Each item in the collection is multi-speed, waterproof and made from phthalate-free ABS plastic. The toys all come in the harmonically balanced colors, Yin (Black) and Yang (White). From smallest to largest, the line includes the Harmony™ Mini Vibe, a discreet three-inch vibe designed for clitoral stimulation; the Harmony™ Twin Souls, uniquely-shaped clitoral stimulators with a textured tip; the Harmony™ Balanced Bullets, perfectly-balanced, high-powered bullets designed for clitoral stimulation; the Harmony™ Wireless Wonder, designed for wireless fun by yourself or with a partner; the Harmony™ Slim G, a slim vibe designed for g-spot stimulation; the Harmony™ Radiance, a curved vibe with a bulbous tip; and the Harmony™ Divine, a curved vibe with a ribbed center for maximum pleasure.

“This new collection delivers consumers a variety of thematically-packaged products designed for optimal stimulation,” said Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s Director of Product Development and Licensing. “These seven items feature all-new designs in a multitude of shapes and sizes, so there’s literally something for everyone.”

For more information on these and any other Doc Johnson products, please visit www.docjohnson.com.

Doc Johnson’s Wave Rider™ Cock Ring with Clitoral Stimulator Brings New Meaning to Surfs Up

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Fresh off the production line, adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson releases its latest vibrating cock ring – the Wave RiderTM – designed to provide enhanced clitoral stimulation while delivering men long-lasting erections.

The Wave RiderTM is a soft stretchable cock ring made from phthalate-free TPE that features a waterproof, multispeed, phthalate-free ABS mini-bullet to maximize stimulation during intercourse. This new toy allows couples to ride the wave together by offering men a longer, more intense erection while simultaneously providing the woman intense clitoral stimulation.

“The Wave RiderTM was designed to allow partners to enjoy a longer, more pleasurable sexual experience together,” said Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s Director of Product Development and Licensing. “It’s a great toy for couples looking to spice up their sex life. Like our other cock rings, this one will be a hit with both men and women.”

The new Wave RiderTM cock ring with clitoral stimulator is available in Red or Blue. For more information on this and other top-notch Doc Johnson product, please visit www.docjohnson.com.